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Greece and Syria facing severe drug shortages Pharma News | Posted 22/03/2013

Greece and Syria are both facing severe shortages in essential medicines, but for very different reasons.

Colombia issues draft decree for registration of biologicals Guidelines | Posted 22/03/2013

Last update:  10 January 2014The Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection (Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social de Colombia) announced on 21 January 2013 the release of a new draf...

Actavis confirms generic Alzheimer’s patch patent challenge Generics/News | Posted 22/03/2013

US generics maker Actavis (formerly Watson) confirmed on 8 March 2013 that it had filed with FDA an amendment to its abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) for rivastigmine transdermal system to i...

EMA releases guidelines on biosimilar interferon beta and r-FSH Guidelines | Posted 15/03/2013

In March 2013, EMA released two guidelines on how pharmaceutical companies should test biosimilar medicines containing interferon beta and recombinant follicle stimulation hormone (r-FSH).

Use of venlafaxine in Austria after introduction of generics Generics/Research | Posted 15/03/2013

Trying to reduce expenditure on medicine is a major driving force for reforms by many governments. This includes Austria, where measures have been introduced to lower generics prices and enhance th...

Biosimilars bills move on in two US states Policies & Legislation | Posted 15/03/2013

The battle over biosimilar drugs is heating up in the US, with two states moving biosimilar bills along in the substitutability of biosimilars.

Greece says no to automatic substitution of biologicals Biosimilars/News | Posted 15/03/2013

Greece’s Medicines Agency (National Organization for Medicines, Ethnikos Organismos Farmakon, EOF) released a document on 13 March 2013 recommending against automatic substitution/interchangea...

India may move away from compulsory licensing Generics/General | Posted 15/03/2013

The Indian Government, in a move that goes away from recent decisions, has suggested that the prices of patented pharmaceutical drugs be controlled by linking them to the country’s per capita incom...