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Can biosimilar manufacturers learn from generic substitution issues Biosimilars/Research | Posted 04/11/2011

The substitution of generic prescription medicines for branded medicines is practiced in most Westernised countries, mainly because of its clear economic benefits. Patient experiences of generic su...

Pay-to-delay debate hits South Africa Reports | Posted 04/11/2011

A report issued in August 2011 by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), on the short and long-term effects of authorised generics has sparked a debate over how this affects generics in South Africa.

Generic olanzapine now approved in US Generics/News | Posted 04/11/2011

Eli Lilly has no safe haven left as the FDA announced on 24 October 2011 that it had approved the first generic olanzapine (for treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) drugs, one day after the...

US biosimilars: a report on FDA progress Biosimilars/Research | Posted 04/11/2011

This article reviews the steps being taken by FDA to implement the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation (BPCI) Act of 2009, enshrined in law in 2010 as the ‘biosimilars statute’.

Overprescribing of drugs ‘chronic’ in Europe Reports | Posted 04/11/2011

Salzburg Medical University, Austria, is the latest body to report the ‘chronic’ overprescribing of drugs for the elderly in Europe. The study found that 36% of prescriptions given to patients with...

South Africa-India alliances for generics and drug delivery systems Generics/News | Posted 04/11/2011

South Africa-based Litha Healthcare Group signed an exclusive agreement with Indian generic drugmaker Natco Pharma (Natco) on 19 September 2011. Under the group’s newly formed generics business uni...

US$1 billion for cancer R & D Biosimilars/News | Posted 04/11/2011

GE Healthcare, the health business of General Electric, provides advanced cancer diagnostic and molecular imaging capabilities, as well as technologies for the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals and...

2013’s biggest patent expiries Policies & Legislation | Posted 04/11/2011

2013 looks set to be another great year for generics and biosimilars, with once again some major blockbuster drugs losing patent protection.