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FDA rejects Endo petition to stop Opana ER generics Generics/News | Posted 17/05/2013

On 10 May 2013, FDA announced that it had rejected a petition by Endo Pharmaceuticals (Endo) to stop generics of its powerful painkiller, Opana ER (oxymorphone).

Updated guideline on the use of epoetin and darbepoetin in cancer patients Guidelines | Posted 17/05/2013

Patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer can often become anaemic as their red blood cell counts, and hence iron levels, fall. Besides the traditional approach of offering blood transfusion in o...

The biggest drug patent losses for 2013 Generics/General | Posted 17/05/2013

During 2012–2018 over US$290 billion of sales are at risk from patent expirations.  In fact, in 2013 alone patents will expire on drugs with yearly sales of US$29 billion. Generics are expecte...

Agila Biotech and Pfenex make biosimilars deal Biosimilars/News | Posted 17/05/2013

Agila Biotech, a subsidiary of India-based Strides Arcolab, and US-based biotech firm Pfenex announced on 16 April 2013 that they had entered into a joint venture for biosimilars.

Innovation in the generics industry Generics/Research | Posted 10/05/2013

The decrease in innovation in the originator pharmaceutical industry is leading to an increase in innovation in the generics pharmaceutical industry, according to new research [1].

Use of biosimilars in Europe Reports | Posted 10/05/2013

Uptake of biosimilars in Europe is slowly increasing, according to a new report published by the European Commission’s (EC) Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General.

EMA issues draft revision of overarching biosimilar guidelines Guidelines | Posted 10/05/2013

EMA announced on 2 May 2013 the publication of its new draft biosimilars guideline, which will revise the agency’s 2005 overarching guideline on similar biological medicinal products. The draft gui...

Philippines urged to import drugs from Bangladesh Pharma News | Posted 10/05/2013

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Ms Sheikh Hasina, on 5 May 2013 urged the Philippines to import pharmaceutical products from Bangladesh, particularly for the countries governmental hospitals and...