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AstraZeneca pursuing biosimilars with Celltrion bid Biosimilars/News | Posted 16/08/2013

Pharma giant AstraZeneca is rumoured to be ready to join the race for biosimilars with a bid for South Korean biotechnology company Celltrion.

Ireland’s drug shortages worsening Reports | Posted 16/08/2013

Drug shortages in Ireland have increased during the last 12 months, according to a recent survey of pharmacists in the country.

Perrigo expands global ambitions with Elan buy Pharma News | Posted 16/08/2013

US-based generics maker Perrigo Company (Perrigo) announced on 29 July 2013 that it would acquire Irish biotechnology company Elan Corporation (Elan) for US$8.6 billion.

New FDA requirements for generics trials Policies & Legislation | Posted 16/08/2013

As of January 2014 generics companies may be required to submit data for not just one batch, as is currently the case, but for three batches.

Development and regulation of biosimilars in Japan Guidelines | Posted 16/08/2013

In Japan, a biosimilar product is defined as a biotechnological drug product developed by a different company that is comparable to the approved biotechnology-derived product (reference product) of...

The cost of evergreening strategies Generics/Research | Posted 09/08/2013

The practice of evergreening, where pharmaceutical companies make small patentable changes to existing products with soon-to-expire patents, contributed to increased healthcare costs in Switzerland...

Cost savings from use of biosimilars in rheumatology Biosimilars/Research | Posted 09/08/2013

The treatment of rheumatoid arthritis provides a clear argument in favour of developing biosimilars and the need to collect sufficient pharmacological data to validate their bioequivalence and inte...

Pfizer prepares to split off generics business Pharma News | Posted 09/08/2013

Pfizer, the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company, has announced plans to split off its generics drug business into a separate commercial operation. News of the plans came as the co...