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Teva launches new biologicals in Europe and US Biosimilars/News | Posted 13/12/2013

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Teva) announced on 18 November 2013 the first EU launch for its new long-acting filgrastim molecule Lonquex (lipegfilgrastim) in Germany and the launch of its short-...

Phase I study shows equivalence of biosimilar rituximab and MabThera Biosimilars/Research | Posted 13/12/2013

The results of a randomized, controlled, multicentre, two-arm, parallel-group, double-blind study of CT-P10 (rituximab) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis has shown the equivalence, with respect...

Ireland’s IPHA hits back at high drug prices claim Pharma News | Posted 13/12/2013

The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) has hit back at statements from the European Commission’s (EC’s) troika that drug prices in the country are unjustifiably high.

Germany wants to increase biosimilars penetration Biosimilars/General | Posted 13/12/2013

Germany may introduce regulations to increase the uptake of biosimilars in the country, according to Mr Mathias Heck, who serves as the European Union Legal and Policy Counsel with the European Off...

Sandoz makes deal with Shire for authorized Adderall XR generic Generics/News | Posted 13/12/2013

Shire announced on 2 December 2013 that its subsidiary Shire US had entered into an agreement to supply an authorized generic version of its attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drug Add...

Avesthagen and Elpen make deal for biosimilar darbepoetin alfa Biosimilars/News | Posted 13/12/2013

Indian life science company Avesthagen Pharma (Avesthagen) announced on 19 November 2013 that it had entered into a biosimilars agreement with Greece-based Elpen Pharmaceutical (Elpen).

Understanding pharmaceutical expenditure Generics/Research | Posted 06/12/2013

In the previous three articles by Vogler and co-authors price and volume components of pharmaceutical expenditure were discussed. In the final article of the series, some of the methodological chal...

Norwegian study hopes to increase biosimilars uptake in Europe Biosimilars/General | Posted 06/12/2013

Despite the fact that many countries within Europe are tightening its health budget, the uptake of lower-cost biosimilars is still relatively low in Europe.