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The ‘Wise List’ - a Swedish drug formulary Generics/Research | Posted 08/07/2011

Research carried out by Lars Gustafsson and et al. [1] into the use and acceptance of a drug formulary used in Stockholm, Sweden, found that adherence to the ‘Wise List’ resulted in substantial cos...

Generic drugs – registration, quality, value and sustainability Reports | Posted 08/07/2011

In the current climate of economic downturn and with the impending ‘patent cliff’ threatening many major pharmaceutical companies, generic medicines are increasingly looking like a good option.

Development of biosimilars Biosimilars/Research | Posted 01/07/2011

Costs and risk reduction are facilitating product development of biosimilars [1].

Patent cliff and the generics industry Reports | Posted 01/07/2011

An estimated US$186 billion in sales revenues of patent-protected medicines is likely to be exposed to generic competition between now and 2016 [1].

EMA and FDA to collaborate on biosimilars Biosimilars/News | Posted 01/07/2011

The EMA announced on 23 June 2011 that it had set up a new ‘cluster’ to collaborate with the FDA for the exchange of information on biosimilar drugs.

Saudi Arabian guidelines for generics Guidelines | Posted 01/07/2011

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) is the authority that oversees all drug manufacturing, trade and registration in Saudi Arabia.

Italy and Spain threaten legal action over EU patent Policies & Legislation | Posted 01/07/2011

EU ministers have adopted a general approach to the two Commission proposals that provide for a European patent to protect inventions in the same way in all participating member countries. However,...

Current status of biosimilar development Biosimilars/General | Posted 01/07/2011

Widespread therapeutic use of biological pharmaceutical products appears to be inevitable. Nevertheless, the law governing approval of biosimilar products in the US is still not in place. The size...