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Biosimilar manufacturers fail to compete in Italy Biosimilars/Research | Posted 30/08/2013

In the current global economic crisis, significant savings on healthcare spending should be made as a result of increased competition between manufacturers of off-patent biologicals or biosimilars....

Strategies used by sickness funds to increase generics prescribing in Austria Generics/Research | Posted 30/08/2013

In 2010, a survey of Austrian sickness funds was undertaken to evaluate how Austrian doctors, patients and pharmacists are encouraged to enhance the rational use of medicines, and increase use of g...

Amgen and Pfizer seek deal with Russian non-originator biologicals firm Pharma News | Posted 30/08/2013

Russian biotechnology company Biocad is reported to be attracting offers from US-based Pfizer and biotechnology giant Amgen.

India to make prescribing of generics compulsory Policies & Legislation | Posted 30/08/2013

A parliamentary panel is proposing that the Indian Government should bring in legislation that would make it compulsory for doctors to prescribe only low cost generic drugs.

Generics manufacturers increase investment in injectables Pharma News | Posted 30/08/2013

Generic drugmaker Zydus Cadila, the fifth largest pharmaceutical company in India, is set to invest about US$15.8 million in building an FDA-approved injectables-manufacturing plant. The news in Au...

Roche abandons Herceptin patent in India Biosimilars/News | Posted 30/08/2013

Swiss-based pharma giant Roche has decided not to pursue its patent for its blockbuster cancer drug Herceptin (trastuzumab) in India, opening the market to biosimilars.

Allergan objects to Restasis generics being accepted without human trials Generics/News | Posted 30/08/2013

Following the publishing of draft guidance on cyclosporine by FDA, ophthalmic specialist Allergan is requesting that FDA revise its guidance on cyclosporines, arguing that generic versions of its e...

Indian firms chasing ‘similar biologic’ Herceptin Biosimilars/News | Posted 30/08/2013

Following the decision by Swiss-based pharma giant Roche not to pursue its patent for Herceptin (trastuzumab) in India [1] it seems that a whole host of Indian firms are lining up to get their ‘sim...