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The importance of EPARs Reports | Posted 17/11/2017

Dr Elena Wolff-Holz* discussed the importance of European public assessment reports (EPARs) at a major biosimilar medicines conference in London, UK [1].

EC approval for adalimumab biosimilar Cyltezo Biosimilars/News | Posted 17/11/2017

Germany-based Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (Boehringer) announced on 13 November 2017 that it had received European Commission (EC) approval for its biosimilar adalimumab product Cyltezo (B...

Loss of efficacy after switching to biosimilar infliximab in Behcet’s patients Biosimilars/Research | Posted 17/11/2017

Authors from the Division of Rheumatology at the Hospital of Prato, Italy report on three patients with Behçet’s disease that experienced disease relapses after switching from the originator inflix...

Adalimumab and trastuzumab biosimilars approved in South Korea Biosimilars/News | Posted 17/11/2017

South Korean biosimilars maker Samsung Bioepis announced on 9 November 2017 that it had received marketing approval for its biosimilar version of Roche’s blockbuster breast cancer therapy Herceptin...

Opportunities and challenges for biosimilars in oncology Biosimilars/Research | Posted 17/11/2017

The rapid increase in healthcare costs, particularly for cancer drugs, has had a major impact on providers, practices, payers and patients, according to Dr Gary Lyman of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer...

UK launches campaign to promote research on biosimilars Biosimilars/General | Posted 17/11/2017

A new campaign launched by the UK’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) aims to unlock the potential benefits of biosimilars in the National Health Service (NHS) through clinical trials.

Kenya needs to increase use of generics to combat rising costs Generics/General | Posted 17/11/2017

Kenyan medical insurance management firms are advising that they will only pay for generics and not brand-name prescriptions.

CBI’s 13th Biosimilars Summit 2018 Conferences | Posted 17/11/2017

CBI’s 13th Biosimilars Summit 23−24 January 2018 Alexandria, VA, USA