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Possible economic benefits from generic and therapeutic statin substitution Generics/Research | Posted 05/11/2009

The group of Associate Professor O Klungel of Utrecht University, The Netherlands, assessed the potential annual savings due to generic and therapeutic substitution of statin therapy for the genera...

Actavis launches generic challenge to Pfizer’s Lipitor Generics/News | Posted 29/10/2009

On 1 October 2009, Actavis, the Iceland-based generic company, launched the most high-profile commercial challenge in Western Europe to Pfizer’s best-selling and patent-protected medicine.

Indian firms race to sell generic oseltamivir Policies & Legislation | Posted 29/10/2009

With the Indian government permitting ‘restricted’ sales of oseltamivir, a generic version of Roche's Tamiflu for influenza A H1N1, the domestic market is seeing a flurry of activity as Indian firm...

Biologicals and biosimilars: how can we afford them? Biosimilars/Research | Posted 28/10/2009

Demand for biological drugs is putting pressure on health budgets. Medical student, Mr Christopher Kelly and Consultant Physician, Dr Fraz Mir of the University of Cambridge, UK, examine in the Bri...

US Congress urged to create a ‘real’ biosimilars pathway Biosimilars/News | Posted 27/10/2009

On 30 September 2009, US campaigners urged US Congress to create a ‘real’ regulatory pathway for biosimilars, but researchers warn that it may take until 2011 to implement any such policies.

Hospira acquires biosimilar filgrastim rights and facility from Teva Biosimilars/News | Posted 27/10/2009

Hospira announced on 30 September 2009 the acquisition of worldwide rights to a biosimilar version of filgrastim and an affiliated European manufacturing facility from PLIVA Hrvatska (in Zagreb, Cr...

The world market for biosimilars and their potential in the US Reports | Posted 26/10/2009

Kalorama Information published a new report on biosimilars, World Market for Biosimilars and the Potential for US Follow-on Biologics on 1 August 2009, based on interviews in the ‘biogeneric’ drug...

EU warns pharmaceutical industry of new competition probes Pharma News | Posted 26/10/2009

The European Commission warned the pharmaceutical industry yesterday to “look out for” new antitrust investigations over the coming months.