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Hospira launches infliximab biosimilar in major European markets

Injectable generics specialist and biosimilars maker Hospira announced on 16 February 2015 that it was launching its infliximab biosimilar, Inflectra, in several major European markets. Inflectra, a treatment for inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, will now be marketed in 24 European countries, nearly doubling its presence across Europe.

FDA delays meeting to evaluate infliximab biosimilar

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has postponed a meeting of its Arthritis Advisory Committee, which was to discuss an infliximab biosimilar.

Accord launches biosimilar filgrastim in Europe

Generics company Accord Healthcare (Accord) has announced the launch of their first European approved biosimilar Accofil (filgrastim), indicated for the treatment of chemotherapy induced neutropenia.

Hospira and Pfenex to collaborate on ranibizumab biosimilar

US-based injectables specialist Hospira and US biotechnology firm Pfenex announced on 10 February 2015 that they had entered into an agreement to exclusively develop and commercialize for worldwide sales PF582 (ranibizumab), Pfenex’s leading biosimilar candidate.

FDA advisers to consider infliximab biosimilar

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed in a Federal Register publication on 10 February 2015 that it has asked advisers to review a second biosimilar application.

Torrent licenses three ‘similar biologics’ from Reliance

Torrent Pharmaceuticals (Torrent) announced on 25 December 2014 that it had made an exclusive licensing agreement with fellow Indian drugmaker Reliance Life Sciences (Reliance) for the marketing of three ‘similar biologics’ in India.

Hanwha to transfer biosimilar etanercept technology to Merck

South Korea’s Hanwha Chemical Corporation (Hanwha) has reportedly signed a contract with US pharma giant Merck to export the technology to make its biosimilar etanercept drug.

FDA advisers recommend approval of filgrastim biosimilar

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisers have voted unanimously to recommended approval for Sandoz’s biosimilar version of Amgen’s Neupogen (filgrastim), a development that could make complex biological therapies more readily accessible in the US.

Merck KGaA plans further investment in biosimilars

German pharma giant Merck KGaA announced on 18 September 2014 plans to step up investments in biosimilars during 2015.

Japanese approval for insulin glargine biosimilar

Partners Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim confirmed on 19 January 2015 that they had received Japanese regulatory approval for their biosimilar insulin glargine product (LY2963016).

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