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Medicines for Europe 18th Biosimilar Medicines Conference 2021 Posted 15/11/2019

18th Biosimilar Medicines Conference 2021
‘Biosimilars: Reshaping the Access Landscape’
April 2021
Hilton Hotel, Apollolaan, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The introduction of biosimilar medicines has had a significant impact on the reshaping of the Access Landscape wherever they are used. Over two days we will cover the contribution of biosimilar medicines to Broader Access, Earlier Access and Future Access.

The benefits already realised, thanks to the existing biosimilar regulatory and access policy frameworks in the EU, have materialised in greater access equity with undeniably Broader and Earlier Access to biological medicines in all countries, although the extent remains variable. Leveraging on this, discussions will focus on how to build healthy systems for healthier communities. A number of practical and concrete perspectives from stakeholders will illustrate policy intervention examples from different EU Member States and the therapy area, including a deep dive into experience garnered in the field of rheumatology.

Beyond supporting efficiency gains and greater equity within today’s healthcare systems, we will hold a multi-stakeholder reflection and debate on what would be the ideal stepping stones to foster Future Access to biosimilar medicines, referencing the biological originator portfolio losing exclusivity between now and 2030.

As a key point in the health equity policy agenda, this 18th edition aims at providing a lively and interactive forum where important milestones are reached and acknowledged, the synergies facilitated and the future needs collectively reflected upon.

During these two interactive days, leaders and world experts in biosimilar medicines will gather and debate the evolving biosimilar medicines landscape and new trends. Discussion will focus on setting aims and implementing good practices to achieve the depth, breadth and speed of the use of biosimilar medicines as a lever to realise the access benefits.

The various sessions will cover all relevant areas of healthcare policy, market access, scientific developments, regulatory and clinical experience. Join us and have your say!

As a participant in this event, you will
- interact openly with thought leaders in the field
- engage in vibrant discussions with the full spectrum of healthcare stakeholders, policymakers and industry
- deepen your knowledge on the latest regulatory and scientific hot topics
- comprehend the impact that upcoming policy frameworks will have on access to standards of care and competition in the biologicals market
- broaden your understanding of complex market access and procurement features
- factor in international developments when considering the longer-term perspective
- access actionable takeaways and good practices from experts in their fields with relevance to your daily work

We would be delighted to welcome you to our annual Biosimilar Medicines Conference in April 2021 in Amsterdam!

For more details, visit: https://www.medicinesforeurope.com/events/bios21/

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