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Generics sustainability to be investigated by UK DoH and industry Posted 25/05/2012

The British Generic Manufacturers Association (BGMA) and the UK Department of Health (DoH) have agreed to work together to investigate potential challenges to the sustainability of the generics industry in the UK.

Based on proposals in the BGMA’s Action Plan, titled ‘Sustainability: generics and the NHS’, the DoH intends to facilitate discussions with the UK government to understand the issues facing generics and to identify where appropriate action can be taken.

The initiative, which was announced at the BGMA’s Annual General Meeting on 23 May 2012, aims to look at issues such as evergreening, patent law, and exclusivity, as well as pricing and reimbursement, and prescribing and dispensing rules and advice in England.

Mr Michael Cann, Chairman of the BGMA, noted that while generics prices in the UK are currently amongst the lowest in Europe, if not the world, the generics industry is experiencing greater margin pressure from customers and must therefore develop to continue to make the maximum contribution to the UK economy.

Mr Cann added that ‘we must also ensure that there are no unnecessary barriers to generics’ entry to the market, and that regulation is proportionate. The European Commission’s sector inquiry identified a number of barriers, and our own work and the commentaries of others have added to the list. It is right therefore as an industry that we should work with the government to look holistically at the generic pharmaceutical marketplace to ensure that it is as efficient as possible.’

Health Minister Lord Howe, who was also present at the meeting, said that generics ‘make a valuable contribution to the UK pharmaceutical industry’, helping to ‘ensure better value for money for both the NHS and the taxpayer’.

He added that ‘the NHS continues to improve the way it utilises its resources and promoting the widespread use of generic medicines is one of several robust measures the government has put in place to make sure we get the best value from what the NHS spends on drugs. This will create savings, which will in turn be invested in new and innovative treatments for patients.’

Lord Howe concluded by saying that ‘we will work with the BGMA to help take forward their work on tackling the challenges to the generic medicines industry.’

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If you would like to receive a copy of the BGMA’s Action Plan, please email us.

Source: BGMA

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