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Attitudes towards generics in Turkey

Prescribers, pharmacists and patients in Turkey lack knowledge about generics. They may also be misinformed about generics, which can cause hesitation about the use of these drugs, according to Toklu and co-authors from the University of Istanbul, Turkey [1].

Free samples increase use of branded drugs

The practice of giving free samples to physicians to give out to their patients increases the use of brand-name drugs, according to research published in JAMA Dermatology [1].

Positive impact of a value-based approach to health care

A study into the use of value-based benefit design (VBBD) for members of an employee health benefits programme demonstrated that such a programme can have a positive impact on adherence and cost outcomes [1].

Prescribers, pharmacists and patients in Turkey believe generics differ from originators

A study carried out by Toklu and co-authors from the University of Istanbul, Turkey, has shown that many prescribers, pharmacists and patients in Turkey believe that generics differ from their originators [1].

The non-financial benefits of generics substitution

Switching between different generic brands of metformin is a good cost-effective approach that does not adversely affect the quality of care for patients with type 2 diabetes, according to the results of a retrospective study in Taiwan.

Generics contribution to availability of essential medicines

The creation of Essential Medicines Lists (EMLs) within country healthcare systems is promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to improve the availability and use of medicines considered essential.

Use of generic cardiovascular drugs in China

China has not yet recognized the importance of increasing generics use as a method to reduce drug prices. An analysis of drug prices in hospitals in the Chongqing province in China has shown that there are potentially major savings to be made by increasing the volume of generics used in China [1].

Compliance and persistence same for generic and brand-name alendronate

A retrospective analysis of data in Italy has shown that patients taking generic and brand-name alendronate showed the same rates of persistence and compliance [1].

Confusion exists in Brazil over generics

Brazilians are confused about generics and are unable to distinguish between a generic drug and a brand-name drug [1].

Impact of coupons on adherence to statins

Once patents expire, in an effort to maintain market share, originator manufacturers often initiate promotional activities such as drug samples and co-pay discount coupons that reduce patients out-of-pocket costs associated with the purchase of brand-name drugs.

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