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Switching to generic cyclosporine A after heart transplant safe

Cyclosporine A is an immunosuppressant drug widely used in organ transplantation to prevent rejection. A study of switching between originator and generic drugs showed that the generic was well tolerated and that there were no differences between the originator and generic drugs [1].

Recent reforms and initiatives in Scotland to encourage the prescribing of generic drugs and the implications

Scotland has introduced a number of reforms and initiatives in recent years to enhance the prescribing of low cost generics, thereby saving money to help fund increased volumes and new premium priced drugs [1, 2]. However, there have been situations where no specific initiatives have been introduced [3, 4]. Consequently, analysis of the various initiatives in Scotland could provide examples to other countries seeking additional measures to further enhance their prescribing efficiency.

Understanding pharmaceutical expenditure

In the previous three articles by Vogler and co-authors price and volume components of pharmaceutical expenditure were discussed. In the final article of the series, some of the methodological challenges that can be faced in interpreting and analysing expenditure data are addressed and the challenges faced by the authors’ own survey of pharmaceutical expenditure data across European Union Member States are discussed [1].

Volume components of pharmaceutical expenditure

In the third of a series of four articles on pharmaceutical expenditure, Vogler and co-authors explain the different methodological approaches to measuring pharmaceutical utilization and outline some of the volume-control policies in place across Europe [1].

FDA awards grant to study generic transplant drug tacrolimus

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has awarded a federal grant worth US$2.3 million to researchers at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, in order to continue studies into tacrolimus, a drug commonly used to stop rejection in transplant patients.

Price components of pharmaceutical expenditure

In the second of a series of four articles on pharmaceutical expenditure, Vogler and co-authors take a top down approach to the concept of pharmaceutical expenditure and its use as an indicator in healthcare accounting. Here, they look at the differences in outpatient and inpatient price types [1].

Pharmaceutical expenditure as a health-expenditure indicator

Pharmaceutical expenditure is a major indicator in health-expenditure accounting, and is particularly useful to policymakers and researchers in making regional, country and international comparisons, forecasting, and assessing the effect of pharmaceutical policies [1].

Transplant coordinators’ perception of generic immunosuppressants

Transplant coordinators associate the availability of multiple generic immunosuppression therapies with increased patient confusion, according to a study by Parker and co-authors [1].

Use of generic anti-asthmatic drugs in Morocco

Asthma is a serious public health problem in Morocco. However, due to low income and lack of healthcare coverage in the country many of Morocco’s citizens do not have access to anti-asthmatic drugs.

Therapeutic substitution could save Americans money

Substituting more expensive brand-name drugs with generics or therapeutic substitutes, could lead to significant savings for Medicare Part D beneficiaries, according to US researchers [1].

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