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Supernus sues Actavis over generic Trokendi XR

US-based central nervous system specialist Supernus Pharmaceuticals (Supernus) announced on 2 Oct 2014 that it had sued generics maker Actavis for infringement of three patents covering its antiepileptic drug Trokendi XR (extended release topiramate). The three US patents (8,298,576, 8,298,580, and 8,663,683) cover once-a-day topiramate formulations and methods of treating seizures using those formulations.

Generics maker IGI Labs gains rights to AstraZeneca injectables

Speciality topical generics maker IGI Laboratories (IGI Labs) announced on 25 September 2014 that it had acquired the rights for 18 drugs from AstraZeneca.

India suffers HIV drug shortages

Supply bottlenecks and late payments to drugmakers have hit HIV treatment supplies across India, according to reports in the Indian press. The drug shortages, which affect those least able to pay, have seen some government distribution centres running out of drugs altogether.

Biocad to be taken over by Russian investment firm

Russia’s biggest drugmaker, Pharmstandard, and investment company, Millhouse LLC, have said that they are planning to buy 70% of Russian biosimilars developer Biocad.

Amgen and Pfizer seek deal with Russian non-originator biologicals firm

Russian biotechnology company Biocad is reported to be attracting offers from US-based Pfizer and biotechnology giant Amgen.

Strides and Shasun merger aims to spread risk

In the current climate of increasing scrutiny against Indian generics manufacturers by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Indian generics maker Strides Arcolab (Strides) and India-based active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) maker Shasun Pharmaceuticals (Shasun) have announced a ‘risk-spreading’ merger.

Cipla and S&D Pharma make generics deal for Czech Republic and Slovakia

India-based generics maker Cipla has partnered with S&D Pharma to launch affordable, high quality generics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Patients at risk from UK drug shortages

Ongoing drug shortages in the UK have led to 80% of general practitioners (GPs) surveyed reporting that their workloads have increased in the last year. A third of doctors say their patients have been harmed or been negatively affected if a second choice has had to be prescribed.

Investor principles on biosimilars gained support

Amgen and Novartis (parent company of Sandoz, a leader in the biosimilars field) have both come out in support of a set of principles on biosimilars laid down by a coalition of 19 institutional investors.

Branded drugmaker could be sued for generic’s side effects

The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled, for the second time, that Pfizer could be sued for damages allegedly caused by its heartburn drug Reglan (metoclopramide), even if the plaintiff had only taken a generic version of the drug. The ruling follows a rehearing requested by Pfizer, which failed to overturn the original ruling.

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