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Perrigo buys Paddock for US$540 million

Perrigo Company may not be a household name, but nevertheless life is exciting for a medium-sized company in the pharmaceuticals world. Undeterred by a pending FDA warning letter about its Michigan facility, Perrigo recently entered into a definitive agreement to take over Paddock Laboratories in a cash deal worth Euros 394 million.

Teva increases stake in Mediwound to 51%

Israel’s Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is increasing its stake in biotechnology company MediWound Ltd to 51% under a multi-tiered deal to develop and commercialise products to treat burns and wounds.

Ranbaxy’s profits soar, but US ban still looms

The generics’ giant and India’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, Ranbaxy, has reported strong results for the third quarter of 2010, but concerns remain about the US import ban that is still in place on many of the firm’s generics.

Cost of new drug challenged

An editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) issue of 23 September 2010 took the unusual position of challenging a study published in the same issue.

Pfizer buys 40% stake in Brazilian generics’ manufacturer Teuto

Pfizer, the world's biggest pharma company, is increasing its stake in emerging markets, with its announcement on 20 October 2010 that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a 40% stake in Brazilian generics’ manufacturer Laboratorio Teuto Brasileiro (Teuto) for US$240 million.

China’s booming pharmaceutical market attracts R & D

China, which is approximately the size of the US, but with five times the population, has long been off-limits for global pharma due to its complex regulations, low healthcare expenditure and its seemingly unenforceable intellectual property laws. However all that has apparently changed according to a Reuters analysis, which shows that China is grabbing an increasing share of the global R & D budget, with investigators launching new studies to help understand how to treat the country’s huge population and tap into one of the fastest growing pharma markets on the planet.

Safe supplies consortium hard at work

Perhaps frustrated at the length of time required for action on counterfeit drugs by the EMA or the FDA, and the limited powers of each of these bodies, a group of individuals got together last year to do things their own way. The Interim Director of Rx‑360, a new non-profit international pharmaceutical consortium, was Mr Martin Van Trieste, Vice President of quality for Amgen.

Daiichi Sankyo pursues a global strategy

In Japan, Daiichi Sankyo has won its first worldwide marketing approval. The drug is laninamivir - long-acting neuraminidase inhibitor. The firm will market the drug as Inavir.

Fresh directions for Sinobiomed

Sinobiomed Inc announced the appointment of a new President and Chief Executive Officer on 2 September 2010. Mr George Yu completed his education in Germany and the US. Under his experienced guidance the company hopes to move swiftly on the following strategic initiatives:

FDA generics division officer joins Teva

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has added to its team Mr Gary Buehler, former head of the generics division at the FDA, The Wall Street Journal reported. Mr Buehler joins Teva as vice president of regulatory strategic operations.

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