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Biosimilars in emerging markets

Less strict or ‘relaxed’ regulatory requirements for biosimilars in some emerging markets are driving the proliferation of non-originator biologicals [1].

Biosimilar events from 2012 to 2014

The last few years have seen biosimilars the hot topic on the agenda of most countries. This is evidenced by the increasing number of biosimilars manufacturers as well as approvals for biosimilars around the world [1].

Use of biosimilars in Europe differs across countries

In Europe, the use of biosimilars exhibits different rates in different countries. This can lead to inequalities in access to biologicals, for instance, for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as arthritis [1].

Healthcare providers concerned about FDA’s generics labelling rules

A survey by the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) and the National Coalition on Healthcare (NCH) has revealed that healthcare providers have serious concerns about the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposed new rules for generics labels.

Biologicals dominate Europe’s best sellers

The landscape of blockbuster medicines in Europe has been changing over the last years from small molecule drugs to biologicals.

Factors supporting a sustainable European biosimilars market

Factors that will support a sustainable biosimilars market in Europe include education, encouraging competition, publication of real-world evidence and transparent decision-making processes, according to a report published by the European Generic medicines Association (EGA).

US will continue to buy Indian generics despite quality concerns

According to a recent report by India’s most respected rating agency the high number of import alerts issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2013 will have no impact on the existing US exports revenue of Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The global biologicals market

Global spending on medicines is expected to reach the US$1 trillion threshold in 2014 and rise to US$1.2 trillion by 2017.

Patients’ perception of generics in the Philippines

A survey of patients in the Philippines showed that less than half were offered a generic drug alternative and even fewer asked for a generic drug alternative. The survey also revealed that patients preferred brand-name medicines over generics [1].

Physicians’ views on generics in the Philippines

A survey of physicians in the Philippines has revealed that five out of six drugs are prescribed using generic names, with physicians in the public sector prescribing generics significantly more often than those in the private sector [1].