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Doctors’ survey reveals lack of confidence in biosimilars Posted 21/08/2015

Online physician’s platform and community QuantiaMD survey of 300 primary care physicians and specialists in the US has found a lack of confidence concerning biosimilars. 

The online survey, which was carried out in March 2015, found that although 78% of those polled said they were familiar with the term ‘biosimilar’, only 53% were aware that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved its first biosimilar. While only a measly 38% could name a biosimilar under consideration for FDA approval that would be relevant to their patients.

To make matters worse, a mere 17% of prescribing specialists said that they were ‘very likely’ to prescribe biosimilars. Although on the bright side 80% of prescribing specialists said they would want to learn about biosimilars via an online platform such as QuantiaMD.

The four most important factors to improve physicians’ confidence in biosimilars were found to be:

  • Educational information about treatment options
  • Guidelines for prescribing biosimilars versus branded therapies
  • Information about how the biosimilar may help reduce costs
  • Patient education and support

The survey concluded that ‘even specialists who currently prescribe the biologic[al]s for emerging biosimilars generally lack the awareness and education to confidently express strong support of biosimilars’. This highlights the need for targeting, engaging, educating, supporting, and ultimately influencing physician behaviours around these new therapies.

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