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Generic cancer pain relief launched in Japan Posted 20/07/2018

Japan-based Daiichi Sankyo announced on 15 June 2018 that it had launched a generic version of cancer pain relief Fentos Tape (fentanyl citrate tape).

Daiichi Sankyo received Japanese marketing approval for its generic fentanyl citrate tape in dosages of 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 mg on 15 February 2018. The product was listed in the NHI (National Health Insurance) reimbursement price list in Japan on 15 June 2018.

The tape is a once-daily transdermal opioid analgesic for treatment of moderate to severe cancer pain. Hitsamitsu Pharmaceutical developed the originator product, Fentos Tape, in order to provide stable pain control for cancer patients and received approval for the product back in 2010.

Manufacturing of generic fentanyl citrate tape will be carried out by Kyukyu Pharmaceutical and Daiichi Sankyo will market and promote the product.

Daiichi Sankyo said that it ‘expects that the release of the tape will help to expand its product line up of opioid analgesics and will offer a novel treatment option to patients suffering from cancer pain and healthcare providers in Japan, thus contributing to advances in medicine’.

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