FDA approves Farxiga generic

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given tentative approval to Novartis for their generic version of AstraZeneca’s diabetes medicine Farxiga (dapagliflozin). Patent issues, however, must be resolved before FDA grants full approval.

10 AA008993

Dapagliflozin is a diabetes treatment that inhibits sodium-glucose transport proteins in the kidney. By blocking ~90% of glucose reabsorption in the kidney, glucose is instead eliminated in urine, thereby lowering the blood sugar levels of the patient. Dapagliflozin has also been shown to reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke in some patients. The drug is sold in the US by AstraZeneca under the trade name Farxiga.

In July 2019, FDA provided tentative approval to Novartis International AG (Novartis) to produce a biosimilar version of Farxiga. The drug generated sales of almost US$300 million for AstraZeneca in Q1.

AstraZeneca had submitted a supplemental new drug application (NDA) for Farxiga to allow the drug to be used to treat type 1 diabetes, based on clinical trial data showing improved glycaemic control in patients insufficiently responsive to insulin. FDA however rejected this application and responded with a complete response letter (CRL) in July 2019.

This news follows recent discussions regarding insulin pricing in the US, where FDA has announced plans to transition insulin products [1]. Insulin products were previously approved under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as drugs but from March 2020 will be considered biologicals. Following the trend, US pharma company Eli Lilly recently launched a lower-priced biosimilar version of its diabetes treatment Humalog (insulin lispro) [2].

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Source: US FDA

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Posted 17/02/2024 by Christopher Nagel
Farxiga Generic

Why does generic Farxiga 10MG cost $140 more than Brand @ CVS and insurance makes me pay the generic price?

Posted 04/10/2023 by Nanette Lucille Reece
Message regarding Farxiga 10 mg tablet

I pay 170.00 a month for farxiga. I am now on a limited income. When will a generic be on the market or how can I lower my farxiga price?

Posted 29/12/2022 by GaBI Online Editorial Office
Response to ‘Generic Farziga’

Dear Patricia A Stephens,
Thank you for your valuable comments received on 2 December 2022. We appreciate that you are letting us know, kindly continue with your valuable comments to GaBI Online.
Best Regards,

Posted 02/12/2022 by Patricia A Stephens
Generic Farziga

It’s about time that Farziga is allowed to have a generic drug. Seniors like me have to suffer after we fall into the doughnut hole! It gets very expensive and unaffordable to stay on this medication, because of prohibitive cost! I have had to recently change from taking Farziga to another diabetic approved medication because of its cost.

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