Contract manufacturing: top firms are investing

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Lonza Group Ltd and ScinoPharm Taiwan Ltd, two leading manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), have struck separate deals to expand their capabilities to make biological drugs.


Taiwan’s ScinoPharm is to make an investment in US firm Tanvex Biologics, Inc, with the intention of building up joint capacity for the manufacture of biosimilars for the US market. The investment will take the form of assets, intellectual property and cash.

Tanvex specialises in the development of biosimilars (or ‘biobetters’), as well as the provision of contract research and contract manufacturing services for biologicals. The company is currently establishing a cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) facility in San Diego, California, USA; and will have research centres in both Taiwan and the US.

ScinoPharm is a leading process R & D and API manufacturing service provider to the global pharmaceutical industry. With research and manufacturing facilities in both Taiwan and mainland China, ScinoPharm offers a wide portfolio of services ranging from custom synthesis for early phase pharmaceutical activities to brand companies as well as APIs for the generics’ industry.

Switzerland-based Lonza, the world’s largest contract API producer, has acquired Vivante GMP Solutions, a Houston-based firm focused on the new field of virus-delivered therapeutics. Vivante welcomed the approach, as its former partner went bankrupt in December 2008 after the FDA declined to approve its lead product.

Virus-based drugs, which include vaccines and gene therapies, use a deactivated virus to deliver active ingredients inside targeted cells. “Vivante’s expertise will allow us to accelerate our entry into the viral-based manufacturing arena”, says Mr David Smith, Head of Lonza’s Therapeutic Cell Solutions.

With the acquisition, Lonza is adding a specialised manufacturing technique to an already large portfolio of microbial and mammalian cell fermentation capabilities.

Source: Lonza, ScinoPharm.

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