Spinnovation enters biosimilar collaboration with Quantum Tessera

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Dutch-based bioanalysis specialist Spinnovation Biologics (Spinnovation) announced on 24 January 2012 that it had entered into a collaboration with US-based consulting company Quantum Tessera.

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Spinnovation is looking to expand its presence in the US, and is one to watch, after trebling the number of clients in the biotech and pharma markets last year. The company will be working with Dr Edward Zartler from Quantum Tessera, who is a specialist in the field of biologicals, in order to develop biological and biosimilar characterisation markets in the US.

Spinnovation’s Spedia-NMR nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology provides detailed, rapid and cost-effective quantitative multiplex analysis of cell culture media. It allows clearly defined data to be revealed on over 50 compounds that may not have been analysed before and so supports businesses in upscaling upstream development prior to the production of new biologicals or biosimilars.

Dr Frederic Girard, CEO of NMR services specialist Spinnovation said, ‘The new presence in the US has enabled us to take advantage of the expanding interest in bioprocess technologies to support the manufacture of biologics. We are gaining momentum with new companies in new markets, and are very excited to see what the future holds.’

Dr Teddy Zartler, Quantum Tessera President and CEO said, ‘I am excited to be able to bring Spinnovation's technologies to the US markets. This will provide a range of services currently not available that will prove to be immediately impactful.’

Spinovation Biologics provide specialist bioanalysis services for spent cell media and simple to complex profiling and characterisation of biologicals and biosimilars. They specialise in NMR methods and techniques and also have a broad spectrum of other analysis methods, including liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques. Spinnovation Biologics is part of Spinnovation Analytical, which has been providing contract research and contract analysis services to support the pharma industry for more than seven years.

The move illustrates the growing interest in biosimilars in the US and the need for characterisation of such complex molecules using state-of-the-art technologies.

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Source: Spinnovation

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