Competition from biosimilars drives price reductions for biologicals in France

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79 MD002389

The US has experienced a policy debate as to whether competition from biosimilars is the best strategy for achieving price reductions for biologicals or, rather, whether direct price regulation aft...

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Canada V16A15
Canada’s biosimilar substitution policy: effects on competition and patient safety
Posted 01/10/2021

A critical review of Canada’s biosimilar substitution policy [1] finds that the scheme...

147 AA010665
GMP certification requirements in Central American countries
Posted 01/10/2021

Before submitting documentation for the marketing authorization of a medicinal product...

Biosimilars approved in Peru
Posted 01/10/2021

In Peru, the regulatory body responsible for approving biological drugs is the General...

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Liposome V15L11

On 4 April 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new draft guidance...

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Potential biotech collaboration between India and Colombia
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Biosimilars approved in Paraguay
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