Momenta to reduce its biosimilars programmes

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US-based biotechnology firm Momenta Pharmaceuticals (Momenta) announced on 1 October 2018 that it would be focusing on two key biosimilars and quit the development of five others.


The company says that it will be focusing on its two late-stage biosimilar assets. These include its wholly-owned candidate adalimumab biosimilar, M923; and M710, its candidate aflibercept biosimilar which is being developed in collaboration with Mylan.

Momenta made a deal with US generics giant Mylan back in 2016 for six biosimilars, which included a candidate abatacept biosimilar, M834, as well as the candidate aflibercept biosimilar, M710 [1]. However, the company now says that it ‘has initiated discussions’ with Mylan ‘to exit its participation in the development of its other five biosimilar program[me]s including M834’.

The decision says Momenta is ‘aimed at reducing costs of biosimilar development and focusing the company’s resources on its pipeline of novel drug candidates for immune-mediated diseases’.

Momenta and Mylan are currently carrying out a phase III trial for M710 in subjects with diabetic macular oedema [2]. Momenta also reported positive results from a phase III trial of M923 in November 2016 [3].

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