STADA and Xbrane strengthen biosimilars collaboration

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German generics giant Stada Arzneimittel (Stada) and Swedish biotech company Xbrane Bioscience (Xbrane) announced on 31 May 2019 that they have expanded their strategic biosimilar development partnership.

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The two companies already have a co-development agreement for Xlucane, a proposed biosimilar to Lucentis (ranibizumab), which was signed in July 2018 [1]. The pair have now added biosimilars of certolizumab pegol and nivolumab, as well as ‘additional biosimilars that fit both companies’ portfolios’ to this development alliance.

Xbrane and Stada will focus on biosimilars to originator products with patent expiration dates between 2025−2030. They have therefore identified Xbrane’s Xcimzane (certolizumab pegol) and Xdivane (nivolumab) for potential future collaboration, both of which are in in Xbrane´s preclinical biosimilar portfolio.

Up until initiation of the products’ clinical trials, Stada and Xbrane will evaluate and negotiate a potential development and commercialization agreement around these products. During this period of evaluation, Xbrane has granted to Stada a right of first refusal for a license of Xcimzane and Xdivane for Europe.

Xbrane also announced on 19 April 2019 that it had dosed its first patient in the phase III Xplore study evaluating the efficacy and safety of its candidate ranibizumab biosimilar Xlucane versus Lucentis in patients with wet age-related macular degeneration (wAMD).

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